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Dr. Kaminski offers a full array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. To keep abreast of the latest in dentistry, he takes continuing education courses over three times the minimum requirement to maintain his license! ​Among other technologies, our office offers digital radiography to minimize radiation exposure, a digital intra-oral camera, laser caries detection, digital photography, and a soft tissue laser.

Dr. Kaminski wears high power magnification "loupes" to enhance minute details in order to provide the best service available. We also offer implant placement and restoration in our office.

Dr. Kaminski

What We Offer

Initial Oral Exam

Consists of visual examination, an intra and extra-oral cancer examination, periodontal probing (evaluation of healthy gum tissue), x-rays, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Prophylaxis (Cleaning)

Your teeth will be cleaned by a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligner therapy utilizes a series of custom-made tooth ‘aligners’ to gradually straighten teeth and align the bite. Each aligner in the series is formed with small incremental movements incorporated which cause the aligners to deflect and stretch over the teeth when they are inserted. As the aligners attempt to spring back to their original shape, force is delivered to the teeth thereby producing tooth movement. The greater the deflection, the larger the activation force produced by the aligners.

Teeth Whitening

Our at-home system offers similar results to one-hour whitening by bleaching your teeth in the comfort of your home over a 2-week period. We also offer in-office 1-hour whitening!


Cosmetic, natural-looking, tooth-colored composite fillings maintain a great smile without dark shadows that could result from the placement of silver fillings. Silver fillings are also available if requested.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are placed on teeth that are too weak to hold a filling. Bridges span the space where one or more teeth are missing. Both are permanent and are made of natural-looking tooth-colored porcelain. Crowns and, in most cases, bridges can also be made of non-metal material for a highly cosmetic result! Implant vs. bridge >>


Artificial, removable replacements for natural teeth when disease, injury or years of inadequate dental care has left you with few or no healthy teeth of your own. If a removable partial is your treatment choice, we will help you restore comfort and proper function.


Plastic coatings bonded to the chewing surfaces of permanent molars and pre-molars to protect teeth against decay-causing bacteria. Sealants are painless to apply and usually last 4 – 8 years and can be refreshed after that time if necessary.

Dental Implants

This procedure, in most cases, is available to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed in the jaw under the gums. Replacement teeth, or crowns, are attached to the posts. The result is a comfortable and natural-looking smile. Implants can also be used with attachments or anchors to secure a full or partial denture. You’ll be able to smile, talk and eat with confidence!

Are you a candidate for a Dental Implant?

The consequences of Missing Teeth.

Periodontal Disease (also called Gum Disease)

Is an inflammation of the tissue around your teeth, caused by bacteria that settle at and below the gum line. If untreated in its earliest stages, periodontal disease can develop into a serious and chronic infection and result in tooth loss. In its earliest stages, the dentist will only need to remove plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) deposits from your teeth. He may also smooth (plane) any exposed tooth roots to encourage reattachment by the gums. Our RDHs are available for deeper cleanings for your convenience.


Root canal treatment is just a special kind of filling, deep into your tooth's root(s). A local anesthetic is often used to numb the area of your mouth to ensure the procedure is pain-free. The doctor will then make a small opening in the top of your tooth in order to remove the pulp from inside your tooth. The tooth is then cleaned out and shaped to a form that will receive a special filling later. This treatment may take more than one appointment to complete. Following this procedure, a final restoration is needed to adequately protect the tooth from further damage.


Palatal obturators are prosthesis' designed to replace missing structural components of the upper arch including the palate and associated dentoalveolar structures. This prosthesis is placed immediately after surgery for oral cancer or to aid in the repair of a defect resulting from cleft lip and palate surgery. Dr. Kaminski is one of only a handful of dentists in the Chicagoland area that performs this service.

Bone Grafting and Why I need it following and extraction.

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